Workshop Leaders

Meet our Master and Expert Woodworkers That give our Live Workshops

Dennis Hays
Master Woodworker

Dennis is an award-winning artisan and woodworker who has been involved in the craft for over 40 years.

Ed Rizzardi
Master Woodworker

Ed has been woodworking his whole life and believes in making perfect master-crafted fine furniture. He loves sharing his knowledge and experiences with any and everyone.

Jom Rivers
Artisan and Woodworker

Jom is an up-and-coming master woodworker in the Southern California Art and woodworking scene and has a wealth of great knowledge to share.

Kevin Hays
Cucamonga Woodworking Founder

I've been immersed in woodworking for ther last couple of years and can offer my perspective on new getting started as well as where to take your hobby.

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Check out our Upcoming workshops

We will be having many more workshop leaders in the next couple of months.